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Viewing historical data
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To access your realtime data, first log into the web portal. If you require assistance logging in, please access the login help page

After successful login, click on the Charts button. This can be found on the home page as well as the menu.


The charts page can be used to display historical data. The charts page includes 5 sections, these are 

  • Sensor selector
  • Measurement selector
  • Chart Type
  • Draw button
  • Chart area

Sensor selector

This section can be used to select the desired sensor. All the sensors connected to your account will be displayed in the drop down list. Please select the desired sensor from the list.


Measurement selector

After you have selected the sensor, it is time to select the measurement type. Depending on the sensors installed you might only have access to Temperature & Wireless Signal Strength data. If you select a measurement type that is unsupported by the sensor selected, a blank graph will be returned. 


Chart types

Different types of timescales can be selected to draw charts. We have included three options:

  • Latest values based on time
  • Between two times/dates
  • Latest X number of values

Latest values based on time

When selecting the "Latest values based on time", a hour, minute or second time can be inserted. All data recorded between the current time and the current time minus the inserted time, will be displayed. This is useful if you want to get the latest 30minutes, 12 hours or 36hours of data.

Between two times/dates

When selecting the "Between two times/dates", two different time/dates can be selected for viewing. 


You can click on the Change Time button to open the calendar/watch and select the date/time. When you have selected the desired date/time select "OK" to close the calendar


Latest X number of values

Data reading are taken at set intervals, this can be between 1 and 15 minutes depending on the sensors installed. When selecting the "Latest X number of values", a number can be inserted and the X latest readings will be displayed. The time that the data was recorded is irrelevant for this type of chart; the last 5,10 or even 50 recorded readings will be displayed. 

Draw button

After you have configured the sensor, measurement and range of the required chart, the chart can be drawn using the DRAW button. Whatever is configured in the charts selection setting will be drawn in the chart area below.

Chart area

The chart area displays a chart of the requested values. The chart can be moved, zoomed and downloaded using the buttons on the top right of the chart. 


Advanced chart features

This section outlined the basic chart features. To download PDF document, auto reload charts or draw multiple charts, please visit the relevant page below:

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