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Viewing realtime data
Last Updated a year ago

To access your realtime data, first log into the web portal. If you require assistance logging in, please access the login help page

After successful login, click on the Dashboard button. This can be found on the home page as well as the menu.


The dashboard page will display all your sensors as well as the latest data.


Bellow every sensor name is the last updated date & time. The "age" of the reading is also indicated. 


You will also see coloured blocks next to each sensor name. These blocks provide a visual indication of the "age" of the readings. 


If the reading is newer than 10 minutes the indicator block will be green. Older than 5 minutes and the indicator will turn yellow and finally after 10 minutes the indicator will turn red.

This is not an indicator of the temperature reading, but rather to notify users of outdated information.

The Dashboard will continue to update the information for all the sensors. When the device you are using is connected to the internet and data is being updated, a green indicator will be shown (see image below)


This indicates that the web portal is connected to the server and syncing data. If data is not being updated, this indicator will turn red


The web portal will continue to try and update data, when connection is re-established the latest data will be displayed.

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